Edmonton Materials Inc. offers the following services:

  • Failure analysis of engineering components
    • Corrosion - oil field equipment and pipelines, boilers, high temperature degradation, etc.
    • Wear - abrasion, erosion, sliding, impact and fatigue wear situations
    • Fracture - brittle and ductile fracture modes, fatigue and creep
    • Creep evaluation including in situ metallography
  • Materials selection for strength, corrosion and wear situations
  • Failure mechanisms of coatings used in pipelines and down-hole applications

Edmonton Materials Inc. is proud to be a working business partner with Vision Integrity.


Vision Integrity Engineering Ltd


Vision Integrity Engineering provides innovative cost effective Integrity, Engineering and Inspection services focused on oil and gas companies operating pressure equipment, pipelines, piping and tanks.


Efficient and experienced with developing management programs to ensure compliance with regulatory agencies including ABSA, BCSA, TSASK, ERCB, OGC and NEB. Prompt preparation and delivery of reports, manuals, risk assessments and procedures.


VIE Contact Information

Adam Maclean
#222, 1100 8 Ave, Calgary, AB, T2P 3T8
Tel: 403-473-5344